FCCAPC General Meeting Dates for 2016
Bates South Campus Auditorium - 6:00 p.m-8:15 p.m.
Includes one hour STARS training (7:15 to 8:15)

Sept 2016                       NO MEETING
October 12th, 2016        Circle Time Success/Musically Minded
November 9th, 2016      Duel/Multiple Language Learner
Dec 2016                       NO MEETING
January 11th, 2017        The Organized Classroom
February 8th ,2017        Autism Spectrum
March 8th, 2017            Nurturing Pathways: How Movement Affects Brain Development
April 12th 2017              How To Incorporate Literary In Young Children
May 10th 2017              Professional Provider Appreciation Dinner
June 8th,2017               Broad Planning Meeting

 *Resource Center opens for FCCAPC member’s 6 -830pm*